All zipe-text products were developed initially with Finite Element Analysis(FEA). The capture was developed to allow holding forces that emulate a #2 polyester suture, with two captures per suture it emulates a #2 ultra high molecular weight polyethylene UHMWPEsuture.

The screw was developed to withstand pullout forces that are comparable or exceed those of other bone anchors on the market. More importantly, the screw can be set into bone and suture shuttled through the screw after it is set in bone, which allows for the placement of suture through the tendon firstly and following allows for the shuttle of the suture through the screw.

The zipe-text screw is a standard Cancellous thread screw which allows for very good holding power in cancellous bone. More importantly , for lateral row rotator cuff repairs, it can allow for the sutures to be shuttled through the screw after setting the screw in bone thus allowing the system to perform double row rotator cuff repairs.

The screw driver tip is a surgical button or capture pusher, and its tip acts as a countersink and bore so that after the screw is placed into bone, the capture can be placed flush with the surface of the bone. The counterbore allows for the sutures to be shuttled through the screw as well.

These device systems can be utilized for soft tissue attachment for rotator cuff repair and other indications include in various parts of the body, ankle ligament reconstruction and in some situations the hip and knee.

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